• Beeswax

    Natural beeswax extracted at the source, preserving all its benefits

  • Soothing to body and mind

    Reduces : stress, tension, migraines, flu, dizziness and much more

  • Healthy cleaning of the ears

    Completely eiminates earwax and bacteria build-up and improves your hearing

Frequently asked questions about our candles 🌿

No worries, our ear candles are made of thick cottonsheets. Moreover, cotton and a washer are positioned at the base of the candleto ensure maximum safety.

The benefits of an Ear candling are numerous: Soothesthe mind and body / Reduces headaches / Improves hearing / Prevents allergiesand much more.

Ear candling removes 100% of ear wax and bacteria accumulated from years of cotton swab use.

Plastic cotton swabs are therefore dangerous for your ears and the planet.

The composition of our ear candle care products is entirely natural. Our beeswax is extracted at the source to ensure the conservation of all its bio-nutrients.